19 de Diciembre, 2015 | Washington Post
WHEN PRESIDENT Obama began the opening to Cuba a year ago, one of the arguments the White House advanced was that a full-fledged embassy in Havana would give U.S. diplomats more freedom to roam the island than was the case with the constricted “interests section” that .
18 de Diciembre, 2015 | Diario de Cuba
Washington, 18 diciembre 2015 - Cuatro congresistas republicanos y la subsecretaria de Estado para el Hemisferio Occidental, Roberta Jacobson, recibieron este jueves en Washington a Antonio G. Rodiles y Alier González, activistas de la campaña #TodosMarchamos, que exige una .
13 de Noviembre, 2015 | Yahoo News
Daniel Trotta just published a piece entertaining the idea that Alejandro Castro Espin, son of Raul Castro is a leader in rise. From the moment Fidel and Raul Castro took power in 1959,there is been endless speculation on succession of power. SATS Centre reproduces the .
13 de Noviembre, 2015 | O Globo (Brazil)
For many years Cubans from all sides, have complained that the lack of coverage and or interest of the American media covering issues related to Cuba is the rule rather than the exception. And if the commercial serves us well, the US media does not often speak about Cuba but .